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About Us

FaithWorks Fashion®

"Making our Faith comes to Life"

FaithWorks Fashion® is a registered trademark christian clothing brand. Dewayne & Nashauna Manboard founder of FaithWorks Fashion birthed this clothing brand after God inspired Nashauna to spread the Gospel of good news through fashion amidst the Covid pandemic in 2020.

The journey of FaithWorks Fashion was launched on January 2021 and since then has not just produced their brand clothing but has expanded in producing other inspired bible verse or song of the latest christian trend.

All items are made by the founders who takes the pleasure in praying over all items made and ensure that each customer received a prayer which comes along with their purchase.

FaithWorks Fashion has given us another great opportunity to spread the word and for us to wear our "Faith and be Fearless."

Help us give hope to someone today by purchasing our products.

"Spread the word whilst looking cute with FaithWorks Fashion"

Dewayne & Nashauna Manboard/CEO & Founder

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